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Primary Information

BoMiProt ID Bomi8737
Protein Name Retinol dehydrogenase 8/Photoreceptor outer segment all-trans retinol dehydrogenase
Organism Bos taurus
Uniprot IDQ9N126
Milk FractionWhey
Ref Sequence ID NP_776592.1
Aminoacid Length 312
Molecular Weight 33956
FASTA Sequence Download
Gene Name RDH8/PRRDH
Gene ID 281449
Protein Existence Status reviewed

Secondary Information

Protein Function Retinol dehydrogenase 8 (RDH8) reduces all-trans retinal (ATRal) into all-trans retinol, which is the first step of the visual cycle.
Biochemical Properties Bovine RDH8 contains only two tryptophan residues, which are both located in its C-terminus (W289 and W310).These are short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDR).Contains Rossmann fold.Membrane binding and targeting of RDH8 to the outer segment of photoreceptors is guided by its last 16 amino acids The amphipathic helical structure in the first portion contributes to the membrane binding of Cterminal-RDH8.Bovine and human retinol dehydrogenase 8,respectively contain 312 and 331 amino acid residues and can only be found in photoreceptors.
Significance in milk bovine retinal pigment formation
PTMs Palmitoylation
Site(s) of PTM(s)

N-glycosylation, O-glycosylation,
Predicted Disorder Regions NA
DisProt Annotation
TM Helix Prediction no TM helices
Significance of PTMs Palmitoylation of at least one of the cysteine residues in the C terminus(Cys-299,Cys-302,Cys-304) results in the membrane binding of RdH8.
Bibliography 1.Hädicke A, Coutinho A, Roy S, Otis F, Lhor M, Cantin L, Prieto M, Voyer N, Salesse C. Membrane binding properties of the C-terminal segment of retinol dehydrogenase 8. Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr. 2021 Sep 1;1863(9):183605. doi: 10.1016/j.bbamem.2021.183605. Epub 2021 Mar 22. PMID: 33766534.