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Primary Information

BoMiProt ID Bomi7463
Protein Name Neuron-specific calcium-binding protein hippocalcin
Organism Bos taurus
Uniprot IDQ4PL64
Milk FractionWhey
Ref Sequence ID NP_001020499.1
Aminoacid Length 193
Molecular Weight 22427
FASTA Sequence Download
Gene Name HPCA
Gene ID 509772
Protein Existence Status reviewed

Secondary Information

Protein Function Calcium-binding protein that may play a role in the regulation of voltage-dependent calcium channels. 
Biochemical Properties  is an EF-hand Ca2+ binding protein
PTMs Myristoylation,Lipidation.
Site(s) of PTM(s)

N-glycosylation, O-glycosylation,
Predicted Disorder Regions 3-26, 37-46, 51-159, 176-193
DisProt Annotation
TM Helix Prediction No TM helices
Significance of PTMs Hippocalcin are myristylated at their N-termini, which is important for Ca2+-dependent membrane association.
Bibliography Kikuchi T, Ichikawa M, Arai J, Tateiwa H, Fu L, Higuchi K, Yoshimura N. Molecular cloning and characterization of a new neuron-specific homologue of rat polypyrimidine tract binding protein. J Biochem. 2000 Nov;128(5):811-21. doi: 10.1093/oxfordjournals.jbchem.a022819. PMID: 11056394.