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Primary Information

BoMiProt ID Bomi4810
Protein Name Collagen alpha-1(X) chain
Organism Bos taurus
Uniprot IDP23206
Milk FractionWhey
Ref Sequence ID NP_777059.1
Aminoacid Length 674
Molecular Weight 65546
FASTA Sequence Download
Gene Name COL10A1
Gene ID 282416
Protein Existence Status reviewed

Secondary Information

Protein Function Synthesis of Collagen X is related to differnetiation matiration and proliferation of chondrocytes( Chondrocyte hypertrophy).An increase in the number of matrix vesicles,an increase in alkaline phosphatase activity and the generation of a calcified matrix, which is subsequently replaced by bone.
Biochemical Properties A homotrimer condensed structure. short triple helical collagen domain flanked by the N-terminal NC2 and the C-terminal NC1 domains. The C-terminal NC1 domain has complement C1q-like structure.Collagen X forms hexamer complexes through the association of NC1 regions.The overlapping cDNA clones encode 3144 bp with a 5'-terminal untranslated region of 148 bp, a 2025 bp reading frame and a 3'-terminal untranslated region of 971 bp.The interchain disulphide-bonding observed previously within the triple helix of bovine type X collagen is explained by the presence of two cysteine residues within an imperfection of the triple-helical domain encoded by -Gly-Xaa-Cys-Xaa-Yaa-Cys-Xaa-Yaa-Gly-.
PTMs Hydroxylation on Pro-460 and Pro0463
Site(s) of PTM(s)

N-glycosylation, O-glycosylation,
Predicted Disorder Regions NA
DisProt Annotation
TM Helix Prediction No TM helices
Significance of PTMs Hydroxylation on proline residues within the sequence motif, GXPG, is most likely to be 4-hydroxy as this fits the requirement for 4-hydroxylation in vertebrates.
Bibliography Thomas JT, Kwan AP, Grant ME, Boot-Handford RP. Isolation of cDNAs encoding the complete sequence of bovine type X collagen. Evidence for the condensed nature of mammalian type X collagen genes. Biochem J. 1991 Jan 1;273(Pt 1)(Pt 1):141-8. doi: 10.1042/bj2730141. PMID: 1703407; PMCID: PMC1149890.