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Primary Information

BoMiProt ID Bomi122
Protein Name Serum amyloid A protein
Organism Bos taurus
Uniprot IDP35541
Milk FractionWhey
Ref Sequence ID NP_001068728.1
Aminoacid Length 130
Molecular Weight 14516
FASTA Sequence Download
Gene Name SAA1
Gene ID 506412
Protein Existence Status Reviewed: Experimental evidence at protein level

Secondary Information

Protein Function Acute phase proteins; role in increased cholesterol efflux from macrophages at sites of tissue injury; pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory; suggested roles of alkaline SAA is upregulation of mucin expression in newborn calf intestinal mucosa and enhanced mucosal immunity of the newborn
Biochemical Properties Presence of multiple highly alkaline isoforms in bovine milk
Significance in milk markers of subclinical inflammation in ruminants; two acidic serum SAA isoforms (pI 5.5 and 4.5) in the subclinical mastitis;
Site(s) of PTM(s)

N-glycosylation, O-glycosylation,
Predicted Disorder Regions 55-73,80-130
DisProt Annotation
TM Helix Prediction No TM helices
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