Overall statistics of BoMiProt-1.0:

Comparison of protein numbers, exclusive and common bovine milk proteins as identified by different mass-spectrometry based techniques such as label-free and labeled quantification, LC-MS/MS, MALDI-TOF MS/MS, DML LC MS/MS.

All protein entries were categorized based on different milk fractions.

The most abundant PTMs in BoMiProt entries were glycosylation and phosphorylation, while PTMs such as acetylation, sumoylation, prenylation were categorized under “Others” due to their low state of occurrence.

Subcategorization of BoMiProt defined proteins shows the percentage of protein with significance in milk, presence of crystal structures and available homology models.

Overall statistics of BoMiProt-2.0:

The number of common and exclusive bovine milk proteins identified across different techniques.

The number of bovine milk proteins identified across whey, exosomes, and milk fat globule membrane.

Levels of different post-translational modifications detected in bovine milk proteins.

Structural models (crystal and predicted structures) of reviewed proteins.

Prediction of transmembrane helices in BoMiProt defined proteins based on hidden Markov model.

The proportion of transmembrane proteins having disordered regions.