Total number of proteins: 3159
BoMiProt defined proteins: 397
Proteins exclusively found in exosomes: 1387
Proteins exclusively found in MFGM: 294
Proteins exclusively found in whey: 801
Proteins with PTMs: 185
Proteins with significance in milk: 205
BoMiProt defined proteins with crystal structures: 49
BoMiProt defined proteins with homology models: 165

Welcome to BoMiProt

BoMiProt is a manually curated, comprehensive repository of published information of bovine milk proteins. It provides a bird’s eye view of the on-going research on bovine milk and possible information gaps that needs attention for maximizing health promoting effects of milk and different dairy products. It is a focused effort to consolidate the existing information of different milk proteins with focus on functions, biochemical properties, post translational modifications and significance of the protein in milk.

BoMiProt has over 3100 proteins includingunique BoMiProt IDs andprimary information such as Uniprot ID, protein name, gene name and gene ID along with cross references to other databases. Over 390 proteins named as ‘BoMiProt defined proteins’, are enriched with additional information about function, biochemical properties, post translational modifications (PTMs) and their role and significance in milk – all information collected from existing literature. Additionally, all entries were categorized based on which fractions they were collected, for example, whey, milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) and exosomes.

BoMiProt database provides curated data files that are downloadable. Additionally, it also allows a user to search protein entries based on several criteria for both primary and secondary informationalong with FASTA files. Structure gallery renders independently an easy retrieval of crystal structures and homology models of defined BoMiProt proteins. A list of 22 publications used to curate the protein entries in the database are available under links along with number of proteins identified and technical details.

Overall statistics of BoMiProt:

In the last 30 years, almost 70% of the researchers of bovine milk have focused on whey proteins followed by MFGM (20%) and exosomes (10%). View More