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Database of bovine milk proteins

Protein Gene
Bomi1005 E1BH15 Uncharacterized protein CEACAM1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1006 E1BH30 Autophagy related 2B ATG2B 519961 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1009 E1BH78 Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein U5 subunit 200 SNRNP200 510529 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1012 E1BHD7 Ankyrin and armadillo repeat containing ANKAR MFGM
Bomi1017 E1BHN4 RING-type domain-containing protein LOC509283 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1018 E1BHT5 Ubiquitin protein ligase E3 component n-recognin 4 UBR4 514561 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1019 E1BHV1 Ryanodine receptor 2 RYR2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1028 E1BI89 Uncharacterized protein MFGM
Bomi1035 E1BII7 Uncharacterized protein DDX43 100337502 MFGM
Bomi1039 E1BIN0 Formin homology 2 domain containing 1 FHOD1 MFGM
Bomi1043 E1BIS8 TRAF2 and NCK interacting kinase TNIK MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1050 E1BIY3 PA14 domain-containing protein PKHD1L1 MFGM
Bomi1052 E1BJ11 Cadherin EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 2 CELSR2 538194 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1053 E1BJ18 Calpain 6 CAPN6 539360 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1055 E1BJ30 PR/SET domain 1 PRDM1 538384 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1057 E1BJ90 DExH-box helicase 34 DHX34 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1058 E1BJA0 RAB33A, member RAS oncogene family RAB33A 510101 MFGM
Bomi1064 E1BJE7 Minichromosome maintenance complex component 3 associated protein MCM3AP 534293 MFGM
Bomi1070 E1BJL8 Folate receptor alpha FOLR1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1071 E1BJQ7 GIPC PDZ domain containing family member 1 GIPC1 519617 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1074 E1BJW2 STEAP4 metalloreductase STEAP4 538861 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1079 E1BK00 Cullin 7 CUL7 MFGM
Bomi1080 E1BK06 Carboxypeptidase A3 CPA3 528454 MFGM
Bomi1083 E1BK43 Sodium leak channel, non-selective NALCN MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1084 E1BK63 Ribosomal protein L15 MFGM
Bomi1086 E1BK89 Lactase LCT MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1088 E1BKC4 Nipped-B protein NIPBL 539566 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1090 E1BKE7 Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor type 3 ITPR3 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1097 E1BKJ5 Transformation/transcription domain associated protein TRRAP 507169 MFGM
Bomi1099 E1BKL9 FAT atypical cadherin 1 FAT1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1100 E1BKM2 Abhydrolase domain containing 15 ABHD15 528755 MFGM
Bomi1104 E1BKP6 Centrosomal protein 250 CEP250 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1110 E1BKT9 Desmoplakin DSP Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1113 E1BKW7 Uncharacterized protein MYO9A MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1116 E1BKZ0 Pericentrin PCNT MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1117 E1BKZ1 Glutathione reductase GSR 506406 MFGM
Bomi1120 E1BL04 Xin actin binding repeat containing 2 XIRP2 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1121 E1BL49 Histone domain-containing protein LOC614206 614206 MFGM
Bomi1122 E1BL62 Aldehyde oxidase 4 AOX4 518393 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1125 E1BLA4 Transmembrane 9 superfamily member LOC509946 MFGM
Bomi1126 E1BLB4 Dynein axonemal heavy chain 17 DNAH17 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1127 E1BLB6 Protein kinase, DNA-activated, catalytic subunit PRKDC Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1129 E1BLC8 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4 gamma 3 EIF4G3 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1130 E1BLD1 HECT domain E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1 HECTD1 536240 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1132 E1BLF5 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator like ARNTL 530705 MFGM
Bomi1136 E1BLT3 Spectrin beta, non-erythrocytic 4 SPTBN4 537578 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1142 E1BLW3 Leucine zipper like transcription regulator 1 LZTR1 MFGM
Bomi1149 E1BM39 Cullin 9 CUL9 540077 MFGM
Bomi1152 E1BM61 Aminopeptidase LVRN 525695 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1155 E1BM92 Prominin 2 PROM2 520936 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1156 E1BM93 Retinol dehydrogenase 11 RDH11 505995 MFGM
Bomi1159 E1BMC4 Golgi brefeldin A resistant guanine nucleotide exchange factor 1 GBF1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1162 E1BMD4 PH domain and leucine rich repeat protein phosphatase 2 PHLPP2 533130 MFGM
Bomi1163 E1BMG2 Dynein axonemal heavy chain 5 DNAH5 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1164 E1BMG8 Dedicator of cytokinesis 4 DOCK4 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1166 E1BHR8 Sodium channel protein SCN2A 539718 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1167 E1BMH6 Ig-like domain-containing protein LOC112441502 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1170 E1BML0 PAN2-PAN3 deadenylation complex catalytic subunit PAN2 PAN2 538820 MFGM
Bomi1175 E1BMQ6 Calcium-transporting ATPase ATP2A3 512313, MFGM
Bomi1183 E1BN16 Coiled-coil domain containing 18 CCDC18 540863 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1190 E1BN91 Zinc finger CCCH-type containing 12B ZC3H12B 524199 MFGM
Bomi1193 E1BNC9 Ankyrin 3 ANK3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1197 E1BNE5 RAB11 family interacting protein 5 RAB11FIP5 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1199 E1BNG7 Gamma-tubulin complex component TUBGCP3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1203 E1BNH8 Polybromo 1 PBRM1 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1204 E1BNJ0 Transmembrane protein 33 TMEM33 MFGM
Bomi1207 E1BNL0 Zinc finger protein 142 ZNF142 511573 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1212 E1BNQ9 Uncharacterized protein HNRNPUL2 616476 MFGM
Bomi1213 E1BNR0 Apolipoprotein B APOB Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1219 E1BNW4 Transmembrane channel-like protein TMC4 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1233 E1BP91 Aminopeptidase NPEPPS 534122 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1237 E1BPC8 Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 8 TRPM8 541151 MFGM
Bomi1240 E1BPI7 MON2 homolog, regulator of endosome-to-Golgi trafficking MON2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1244 E1BPL3 ATP binding cassette subfamily B member 7 ABCB7 533669 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1246 E1BPM0 RAS protein activator like 1 RASAL1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1250 E1BPS1 Bromodomain and PHD finger containing 1 BRPF1 535775 MFGM
Bomi1251 E1BPS3 WD repeat and FYVE domain containing 3 WDFY3 MFGM
Bomi1255 E1BPV0 Armadillo repeat containing 3 ARMC3 525665 MFGM
Bomi1257 E1BPW1 Oxysterol-binding protein OSBP MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1259 E1BPX1 Vacuolar protein sorting 13 homolog C VPS13C Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1261 E1BPY8 REV3 like, DNA directed polymerase zeta catalytic subunit REV3L Whey, MFGM
Bomi1262 E1BPZ7 F-box protein 38 FBXO38 533554 MFGM
Bomi1265 E1BQ20 Ankyrin repeat domain 33B ANKRD33B 518403 MFGM
Bomi1266 E1BQ28 Solute carrier family 39 member 8 SLC39A8 508193 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1270 Q95135 Excitatory amino acid transporter 3 SLC1A1 282353 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1271 Q2HJD5 Enoyl-CoA hydratase domain-containing protein 1 ECHDC1 536284 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1272 P68103 Elongation factor 1-alpha 1 EEF1A1 282220 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1276 Q3SYU2 Elongation factor 2 EEF2 281138 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1278 Q5E9R3 EH domain-containing protein 1 EHD1 511908 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1280 Q3SYW6 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit C EIF3C 534882 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1285 Q95M18 Endoplasmin HSP90B1 282646 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1286 P15396 Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase family member 3 ENPP3 529405 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1289 Q1RMU4 Erlin-2 ERLIN2 616278 MFGM
Bomi1293 A5PKD9 Abhydrolase domain-containing protein FAM108C1 ABHD17C 520956 MFGM
Bomi1303 F1MAV4 BRCA1 associated RING domain 1 BARD1 530961 MFGM
Bomi1307 F1MAY4 Coiled-coil domain containing 88A CCDC88A Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1309 F1MB15 Fibrous sheath interacting protein 2 FSIP2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1312 F1MBF6 Uncharacterized protein RAB6A 616537 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1313 A6QR63 HR protein HR 785815 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1319 F1MBQ8 DEAD-box helicase 5 DDX5 MFGM
Bomi1325 F1MC02 Monoglyceride lipase MGLL 505290 MFGM
Bomi1326 F1MC11 Keratin, type I cytoskeletal 14 KRT14 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1330 F1MC48 IQ motif containing GTPase activating protein 1 IQGAP1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1333 F1MC84 FAT atypical cadherin 3 FAT3 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1336 F1MCA7 Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 7 LRRC7 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1343 F1MCQ5 Endoribonuclease Dicer DICER1 337871 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1348 F1MCX8 Synapsin III SYN3 MFGM
Bomi1351 F1MD20 Tetratricopeptide repeat domain 7B TTC7B MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1352 F1MD24 Solute carrier family 5 member 1 SLC5A1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1353 F1MD34 Family with sequence similarity 129 member B NIBAN2 613747 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1355 F1MD64 Piezo-type mechanosensitive ion channel component PIEZO1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1361 F1MDC1 Ribosome binding protein 1 RRBP1 MFGM
Bomi1362 A6QPL5 Diacylglycerol kinase DGKD 513389 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1369 F1MDF3 ALS2, alsin Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor ALS2 535750 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1370 F1MDH3 Talin 1 TLN1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1373 F1MDL3 Syntaxin 3 STX3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1374 F1MDQ6 cGMP-dependent protein kinase PRKG2 533330 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1377 F1MDR7 DnaJ heat shock protein family (Hsp40) member C13 DNAJC13 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1380 F1MDU9 HEAT repeat containing 1 HEATR1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1385 F1ME65 Cytoskeleton associated protein 4 CKAP4 515784 MFGM
Bomi1391 F1MEN2 Sperm antigen with calponin homology and coiled-coil domains 1 SPECC1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1393 F1MEQ3 Dihydrolipoyllysine-residue succinyltransferase component of 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex, mitochondrial DLST MFGM
Bomi1394 F1MER7 Heparan sulfate proteoglycan 2 HSPG2 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1396 F1MEX9 Acyl-CoA synthetase long chain family member 3 ACSL3 100138312 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1404 F1MF78 Spectrin repeat containing nuclear envelope protein 2 SYNE2 540504 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1407 F1MFC4 Phospholipid-transporting ATPase ATP8B3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1409 F1MFG9 Myosin IG MYO1G 516513 MFGM
Bomi1421 F1MFY5 C2 calcium dependent domain containing 3 C2CD3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1422 F1MG08 Signal peptide peptidase like 2A SPPL2A Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1428 F1MGF7 CDK5 regulatory subunit associated protein 2 CDK5RAP2 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1430 F1MGK8 Oncostatin M receptor OSMR Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1436 F1MGR1 Sodium/nucleoside cotransporter SLC28A3 508028 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1438 Q1RMS1 V-type proton ATPase subunit a TCIRG1 513684 MFGM
Bomi1442 F1MGX4 Formin like 1 FMNL1 MFGM
Bomi1445 F1MH71 PHD finger protein 2 PHF2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1446 F1MHA1 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase KMT2A Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1449 F1MHC2 Syntaxin binding protein 2 STXBP2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1451 F1MHG0 Myosin VIIA MYO7A MFGM
Bomi1453 F1MHJ6 Ribosomal_L18A domain-containing protein MFGM
Bomi1455 F1MHP4 RAB22A, member RAS oncogene family RAB22A MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1457 F1MHQ9 Coiled-coil domain containing 141 CCDC141 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1458 F1MHR3 Aldedh domain-containing protein ALDH1A3 MFGM
Bomi1464 F1MHV9 NAD(P)(+)--arginine ADP-ribosyltransferase LOC618664 MFGM
Bomi1465 F1MHX8 MAM domain containing glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor 1 MDGA1 536481 MFGM
Bomi1477 F1MIF2 AP complex subunit beta AP1B1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1478 F1MII9 Ring finger and FYVE like domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase RFFL 530263 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1488 F1MIU3 Transmembrane channel-like protein TMC5 513865 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1493 F1MJ53 Kinesin family member 21A KIF21A MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1495 F1MJ90 Phosphorylase b kinase regulatory subunit PHKB MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1498 F1MJB0 Filamin A interacting protein 1 like FILIP1L MFGM
Bomi1503 F1MJN1 Zinc finger protein 318 ZNF318 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1505 F1MJQ1 Ras-related protein Rab-7a RAB7A 509970 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1507 F1MJS9 Protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type C PTPRC MFGM
Bomi1509 F1MJV3 THO complex 1 THOC1 100138748 MFGM
Bomi1512 F1MK30 60S ribosomal protein L13 RPL13 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1513 F1MK52 Prominin 1 PROM1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1514 F1MK55 Dynein axonemal heavy chain 2 DNAH2 789044 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1518 O97790 TBC1 domain family member 1 TBC1D1 282704 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1520 F1MKE9 Spectrin beta chain SPTB 527711 MFGM
Bomi1524 F1MKU3 B-box and SPRY domain containing BSPRY MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1525 F1MKX4 Proteasome activator complex subunit 4 PSME4 MFGM
Bomi1533 F1ML75 Interleukin 1 receptor type 1 IL1R1 515640 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1538 F1MLE8 Uncharacterized protein SEC22B MFGM
Bomi1539 F1MLG1 SRP receptor subunit beta SRPRB MFGM
Bomi1555 F1MLW7 Ig-like domain-containing protein Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1560 F1MM04 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) PTPRJ MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1563 F1MM32 Sulfhydryl oxidase QSOX1 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1566 F1MM57 Myosin heavy chain 14 MYH14 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1567 F1MM59 Fibrillarin FBL 538548 MFGM
Bomi1571 F1MM87 Centrosomal protein of 57 kDa CEP57 MFGM
Bomi1574 F1MMC7 Myosin IF MYO1F 532964 MFGM
Bomi1576 F1MME1 Protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type K PTPRK 509657 MFGM
Bomi1577 F1MME6 Myomesin-1 MYOM1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1579 F1MMK7 GTP-binding protein RRAD MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1585 F1MMQ8 Spectrin alpha, erythrocytic 1 SPTA1 505122 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1589 F1MMT4 Centrosomal protein 112 CEP112 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1593 F1MN31 Kelch like family member 29 KLHL29 537141 MFGM
Bomi1596 F1MN89 Adhesion G protein-coupled receptor G3 ADGRG3 529961 MFGM
Bomi1597 F1MN93 DNA topoisomerase I TOP1 MFGM
Bomi1598 F1MNA1 Tudor domain containing 9 TDRD9 MFGM
Bomi1603 F1MNI4 RAB5B, member RAS oncogene family RAB5B 539150 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1605 F1MNL7 BPTI/Kunitz inhibitor domain-containing protein LOC616039 616039 MFGM
Bomi1607 F1MNM6 Transport and golgi organization 6 homolog TANGO6 534015 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1608 F1MNS0 HECT domain-containing protein MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1622 F1MPE1 CD109 molecule CD109 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1627 F1MPK6 Tenascin XB TNXB MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1628 F1MPK7 Solute carrier family 15 member 2 SLC15A2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1631 F1MPT5 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) DST Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1633 F1MPU0 Clathrin heavy chain CLTC MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1637 F1MPW8 Zinc finger homeobox 4 ZFHX4 539762 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1639 F1MQ37 Myosin heavy chain 9 MYH9 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1647 F1MQD1 Calpain 5 CAPN5 536988 MFGM
Bomi1650 F1MQG6 Apoptotic chromatin condensation inducer 1 ACIN1 534600 MFGM
Bomi1655 F1MQI3 Nebulin NEB Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1657 F1MMX5 Phospholipid-transporting ATPase ATP8B4 100137953 MFGM
Bomi1659 F1MQT9 CD44 antigen CD44 281057 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1672 F1MRT9 Utrophin UTRN Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1677 F1MRZ3 Adhesion G protein-coupled receptor G2 ADGRG2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1679 F1MS00 Proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase receptor Ret RET Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1681 F1MS45 Copine 2 CPNE2 782388 MFGM
Bomi1683 A7MBG5 TBC1 domain family member 9B TBC1D9B 514521 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1694 F1MSI2 Agrin AGRN Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1696 A5D7E0 RAB35 protein RAB35 614521 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi170 A2VDN8 Coronin, actin binding protein, 1C CORO1C 515798 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1708 F1MT12 Nicastrin NCSTN MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1714 F1MTE6 Short transient receptor potential channel 5 TRPC5 407103 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1716 F1MTJ9 Terpene cyclase/mutase family member LSS MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1717 F1MTK2 MTOR associated protein, eak-7 homolog MEAK7 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1720 F1MTR1 IQ motif containing GTPase activating protein 2 IQGAP2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1726 F1MU26 Bardet-Biedl syndrome 2 protein homolog BBS2 MFGM
Bomi1728 F1MU39 Myosin heavy chain 15 MYH15 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1732 F1MUD3 Sperm flagellar 2 SPEF2 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1735 F1MUP9 Vesicle amine transport 1 VAT1 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi174 A3KN04 RPN1 protein RPN1 507939 MFGM
Bomi1741 F1MV51 APC, WNT signaling pathway regulator APC 533233 MFGM
Bomi1743 F1MVC9 Proline rich basic protein 1 PROB1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1746 F1MVJ8 Olfactomedin 4 OLFM4 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1758 F1MW33 Cell adhesion molecule L1 like CHL1 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1762 F1MWD3 Chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 5 CCT5 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1774 F1MWZ4 DEAH-box helicase 33 DHX33 MFGM
Bomi1778 F1MX60 Cytoplasmic FMR1-interacting protein CYFIP2 518833 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1780 F1MX83 Protein S100 S100A11 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1782 F1MX93 Myosin VC MYO5C Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1787 F1MXF5 A-kinase anchoring protein 9 AKAP9 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1788 F1MXG0 SET domain bifurcated 2 SETDB2 509382 MFGM
Bomi179 A5PJE3 Fibrinogen alpha FGA Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1799 F1MY58 Target of myb1 like 1 membrane trafficking protein TOM1L1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi180 A5PJQ1 DEK protein DEK 540945 MFGM phosphoprotein- several phosphorylation sites of which most are clustered in the carboxy-terminal region- phosphorylation, mediated by CK2 kinase
Bomi1800 F1MY77 Zinc finger MYND-type containing 8 ZMYND8 MFGM
Bomi1801 F1MY82 Protein kinase C eta type PRKCH MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1805 C0LZJ1 Doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 1 DMRT1 616245 MFGM
Bomi1822 F1MYW1 Stabilin 2 STAB2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1823 F1MYW2 Calmodulin regulated spectrin associated protein 1 CAMSAP1 506553 MFGM
Bomi1824 F1MYW7 Histocompatibility minor 13 HM13 MFGM
Bomi1825 F1MYX5 Lymphocyte cytosolic protein 1 LCP1 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1828 F1MYZ3 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase KMT2C Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi183 A5PKK5 SMARCA2 protein SMARCA2 540904 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1831 F1MZ03 ArfGAP with coiled-coil, ankyrin repeat and PH domains 2 ACAP2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1834 F1MZ23 Par-3 family cell polarity regulator PARD3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi184 A5PKL2 RRAS2 protein RRAS2 519269 MFGM, Exosome exhibited increased lysine fatty acylation in mouse embryonic fibroblast and Human Embryonic Kidney
Bomi185 A5PKM3 SPTLC2 protein SPTLC2 537972 MFGM
Bomi1851 F1MZW2 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 11 ARHGEF11 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1852 A5PJL4 Ribosomal protein S6 kinase RPS6KA3 511190 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1853 F1MZX0 Protein kinase C delta type PRKCD MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1854 F1MZX6 Myosin heavy chain 13 MYH13 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1858 F1N052 SWI/SNF related, matrix associated, actin dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, member 5 SMARCA5 MFGM
Bomi186 A6H7D4 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 6 (Lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase, zeta) AGPAT6 511614 MFGM, Exosome in humans, predicted N-glycosylation site (Asn-59) and O-glycosylation sites (Thr- 233, Thr-262; predicted protein kinase phosphorylation sites (Thr-174)
Bomi1872 F1N0J3 Phospholipid-transporting ATPase ATP11A MFGM
Bomi1884 F1N0Y0 Uridine phosphorylase UPP1 Whey, MFGM
Bomi1888 F1N169 Filamin A FLNA 281165 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi189 A6QLV1 UNC84B protein SUN2 618392 MFGM
Bomi1893 F1N1B8 KN motif and ankyrin repeat domains 1 KANK1 MFGM
Bomi1899 F1N1F8 Centromere protein F CENPF 533089 Whey, MFGM
Bomi190 A6QNW8 CD97 molecule ADGRE5 MFGM, Exosome contains 8 potential N-glycosylation sites.The first 2 sites are located within the first EGF domain, the thirdsite within the second EGF domain. The other 5 sites are locatedwithin the stalk
Bomi1901 F1N1G7 Kinesin-like protein KIF5B 514261 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1908 F1N1Z8 Pancreatic adenocarcinoma upregulated factor-like LOC104975830 104975830 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1910 F1N261 Tyrosine-protein kinase LYN MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1912 F1N272 Cation-transporting ATPase ATP13A4 521728 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1916 F1N2D3 Tight junction protein 1 TJP1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1918 F1N2F1 Family with sequence similarity 129 member A NIBAN1 614787 MFGM
Bomi1919 F1N2F6 Testis expressed 11 TEX11 MFGM
Bomi192 A6QPZ6 TAP1 protein TAP1 524959 MFGM
Bomi1921 F1N2H2 SR-related CTD associated factor 11 SCAF11 538632 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1923 F1N2J6 Myocardial zonula adherens protein MYZAP 104968465 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1925 F1N2K1 Prenylcysteine oxidase 1 PCYOX1 MFGM
Bomi1926 F1N2K8 Periplakin PPL 522886 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi193 A6QQP5 SPN protein SPN 614645 MFGM transmembrane sialoglycoprotein- N-glycan (2) shown in this study to be attached to peptide PaPr-1, which contains Asn-220, the only site in the Galgp and CD43 amino acid sequence with the characteristic tripeptide, Asn-Xaa-(Ser or Thr), leading to N-glycosylation. Peptide PaPr-1 was shown earlier by NMR spectroscopic analysis to possess a fucosylated diantennary glycan (2). N-glycosylation has been demonstrated for human CD43 (6, 17), but the structure of the CD43 N-glycan has not been identified; high density of O-glycans - glycosylation status was defined for 28 of the serine and threonine residues, of which 25 have O-glycans and 3 were shown to be nonglycosylated (Fig. 1). If this glycosylated to nonglycosylated ratio applies throughout the molecule, Galgp, which has 92 serine plus threonine residues, would contain -82 O-glycans. In the case of CD43, estimates based on compositional data (human and rat CD43; refs. 4-6) and peptide sequence (rat CD43; ref. 21) yield values of >75 O-glycans per molecule; 0-glycans, expressing predominantly tetrasaccharides in the case of circulating T lymphocyte and monocyte CD43 and the above hexasaccharide in the case of neutrophil, platelet, and activated T-lymphocyte CD43
Bomi1933 F1N2Z9 Beta-carotene dioxygenase 2 BCO2 514135 MFGM
Bomi1941 F1N365 FLII, actin remodeling protein FLII MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1942 F1N382 Protein prenyltransferase alpha subunit repeat containing 1 PTAR1 784830 MFGM
Bomi1947 F1N3K0 Dedicator of cytokinesis 2 DOCK2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi195 A6QR35 SCAMP2 protein SCAMP2 534312 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1952 F1N3T0 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 4 MAP3K4 MFGM
Bomi1954 F1N3U5 Vanin 2 VNN2 MFGM
Bomi1955 F1N3U7 Bromodomain PHD finger transcription factor BPTF MFGM
Bomi1956 F1N3W6 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 15 MAP3K15 MFGM
Bomi1958 F1N3Y6 ATP binding cassette subfamily C member 3 ABCC3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1962 F1N415 Piccolo presynaptic cytomatrix protein PCLO MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1966 F1N469 Uncharacterized protein MFGM
Bomi197 A7E3T7 S-adenosylmethionine synthase MAT2A 527403 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1971 F1N4I6 ATP binding cassette subfamily C member 11 ABCC11 MFGM
Bomi1972 F1N4J2 Sacsin molecular chaperone SACS Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1980 F1N4Y6 Uncharacterized protein LOC521224 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1982 A6QNW7 CD5 molecule like CD5L 528593 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1983 F1N545 Ankyrin repeat domain 13A ANKRD13A 511883 MFGM
Bomi1985 F1N5H2 Alpha-L-fucosidase FUCA2 515729 MFGM
Bomi1986 F1N5H8 RNA helicase DDX31 MFGM
Bomi199 A7Z024 RP2 protein RP2 534054 MFGM, Exosome Contains both myristoylation and palmitoylation sites in its N‐terminal end- As found in humans, Met-Gly-Cys-X-Phe-Ser-Lys N-terminal motif
Bomi1990 F1N5R7 Dynein axonemal heavy chain 7 DNAH7 517781 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1994 F1N5V2 Taste 1 receptor member 2 TAS1R2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1998 F1N647 Fatty acid synthase FASN MFGM, Exosome
Bomi1999 F1N657 Uncharacterized protein SPATA13 785769 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2001 F1N672 Transmembrane 9 superfamily member TM9SF2 514455 MFGM
Bomi2007 F1N6C1 Leucine rich repeat kinase 1 LRRK1 513994 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2011 F1N6H4 Microtubule-actin crosslinking factor 1 MACF1 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2023 F1N704 Unc-79 homolog, NALCN channel complex subunit UNC79 MFGM
Bomi2025 F1N724 Uncharacterized protein DNAH11 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2028 F1N735 Lysine demethylase 2A KDM2A Whey, MFGM
Bomi203 A8PVV5 SYPL1 protein SYPL1 615728 MFGM acidic glycoprotein
Bomi204 Q4GZT4 ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2 ABCG2 536203 MFGM, Exosome intermolecular disulfide bond at position 603
Bomi2042 F1N7I5 Nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1 NUMA1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2043 F1N7J2 Calcium-transporting ATPase ATP2B1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2045 F1N7Q8 Rho GTPase activating protein 32 ARHGAP32 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2048 F1N7T2 Alpha-mannosidase MAN2A1 MFGM
Bomi205 Q5EA59 Abhydrolase domain-containing protein 4 ABHD4 509896 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2050 F2Z4D5 Ras-related protein Rab-11A RAB11A Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2053 F2Z4G5 Histone H2A HIST1H2AB 104975684 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2054 F1MR22 Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor PIGR Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi206 A7YY28 Abhydrolase domain-containing protein 14B ABHD14B 615289 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2062 A6H6Y1 BOLA-DQA1 protein BOLA-DQA1 100848815 MFGM
Bomi2069 F6QRH3 Tumor protein p63-regulated gene 1-like protein TPRG1L MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2073 F6R1L1 Protein phosphatase 4 regulatory subunit 3A PPP4R3A 407220 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi208 Q0VCU1 Cytoplasmic aconitate hydratase ACO1 512995 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2080 F6RM04 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) RBM15B 508868 MFGM
Bomi2082 F6RMH4 TRAF3 interacting protein 3 TRAF3IP3 MFGM
Bomi2085 Q17QT7 Protein FAM49A FAM49A 504763 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2090 P10790 Fatty acid-binding protein, heart FABP3 281758 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2091 Q2HJD0 FAS-associated factor 2 FAF2 767948 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2094 Q9BDR7 High affinity immunoglobulin epsilon receptor subunit gamma FCER1G 282226 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2095 Q28110 Low affinity immunoglobulin gamma Fc region receptor II FCGR2 282229 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2101 Q2YDL5 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase FKBP11 FKBP11 506043 MFGM
Bomi2103 Q08DN8 Flotillin-1 FLOT1 532573 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2104 A6QLR4 Flotillin-2 FLOT2 615679 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2106 O46414 Ferritin heavy chain FTH1 281173 MFGM
Bomi2107 Q58DG6 F-box/LRR-repeat protein 20 FBXL20 511007 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2109 G1K1H0 Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 2 ADAM2 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2111 G3MW09 Uncharacterized protein LOC100337390 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2112 G3MW10 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) LOC100337390 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2113 G3MW11 Uncharacterized protein MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2116 G3MWV5 H15 domain-containing protein HIST1H1E MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2117 G3MX06 Ig-like domain-containing protein MFGM
Bomi2124 G3MXG6 Ig-like domain-containing protein Whey, MFGM
Bomi213 P20000 Aldehyde dehydrogenase, mitochondrial ALDH2 508629 MFGM cytosolic ALDH1A1, mitochondrial ALDH2, and other isozymes such as ALDH5A1 and ALDH6A1 were oxidatively-modified in rats exposed to alcohol; protein kinases such as protein kinase Cε (PKCε) can phosphorylate and activate mitochondrial ALDH2 - Thr185, Thr412 and possibly Ser279 of ALDH2 could be phosphorylated by PKCε, resulting in ALDH2 activation; ALDH2 could be inhibited through protein nitration based on the recent data where GTN promotes nitration signaling; ALDH2 activity was mildly inhibited by NO or hydrogen peroxide in the experimental conditions, but was markedly inhibited by incubation with peroxynitrite
Bomi2130 G3MXS3 DUF4585 domain-containing protein C6H4orf54 101904203 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2131 G3MXV0 Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP5 535704 MFGM
Bomi2132 G3MXY7 Metastasis associated 1 MTA1 MFGM
Bomi2135 G3MY87 Maltase-glucoamylase MGAM MFGM
Bomi2136 G3MYB3 Uncharacterized protein MFGM
Bomi2137 G3MYD9 Integrin subunit alpha M ITGAM MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2139 G3MYK5 Ninein NIN MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2140 G3MYM4 Zinc finger protein 292 ZNF292 541264 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2141 G3MYV6 Uncharacterized protein NLRP13 MFGM
Bomi2147 G3MZ88 J domain-containing protein DNAJB9 614588 Whey, MFGM
Bomi2148 G3MZA4 BCLAF1 and THRAP3 family member 3 BCLAF3 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi215 P04272 Annexin A2 ANXA2 282689 MFGM, Exosome N terminus of AnxA2 contains several major sites for PTMs , including the phosphorylation sites Ser11, Ser25 and Tyr23; human placenta annexin A2 contains potential N-linked glycosylation site at the 61th residue of its amino terminal region
Bomi216 P13214 Annexin A4 ANXA4 281625 MFGM, Exosome phosphorylated by protein kinase C
Bomi2162 G3N016 CRK like proto-oncogene, adaptor protein CRKL MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2167 G3N0M6 CIDE-N domain-containing protein CIDEA MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2169 G3N0S9 Uncharacterized protein Whey, MFGM
Bomi2172 G3N0V0 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2175 G3N1C8 Dynein axonemal heavy chain 1 DNAH1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2176 G3N1F5 Ribosomal_L18_c domain-containing protein MFGM
Bomi218 Q3T0E5 Adipocyte plasma membrane-associated protein APMAP 535740 MFGM, Exosome Asn-196 glycosylated; it contains a putative phosphorylation site at threonine 19
Bomi2180 G3N260 Glutamyl-tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial EARS2 100300732 MFGM
Bomi2185 G3N2H4 Azurocidin 1 AZU1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2188 G3N2N2 Suppressor APC domain containing 2 SAPCD2 MFGM
Bomi219 P81644 Apolipoprotein A-II APOA2 505394 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2191 G3N2T3 Rho GTPase activating protein 4 ARHGAP4 MFGM
Bomi2194 G3N3B8 Uncharacterized protein LOC104968820 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2196 G3N3N1 ADP ribosylation factor 6 ARF6 100294979 MFGM
Bomi220 Q32PJ2 Apolipoprotein A-IV APOA4 537301 Whey, MFGM
Bomi2200 P10096 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase GAPDH 281181 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2201 G3X690 Kinesin family member 16B KIF16B MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2206 G3X6F7 Rho GTPase activating protein 42 ARHGAP42 Whey, MFGM
Bomi2208 G3X6I0 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) FCGBP Whey, MFGM
Bomi221 P19035 Apolipoprotein C-III APOC3 408009 MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated: undergoes glycosylation in the Golgi apparatus prior to incorporation in lipoproteins - consists of galactose, N-acetyl-galactosamine, and either zero, one, or two molecules of sialic acid, resulting in three major proteoforms, apoC-III0, apoC-III1, and apoC-III2, respectively
Bomi222 Q3SYR5 Apolipoprotein C-IV APOC4 618041 MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated: As in humans, two major isoforms; one is N -glycosylated, and both are variably sialylated; as found in rabbits, the protein is O-glycosylated with variable sialylation
Bomi2220 G3X799 Lipocln_cytosolic_FA-bd_dom domain-containing protein OBP MFGM
Bomi2225 G3X7N2 Ribosomal protein MFGM
Bomi2227 G3X807 Histone H4 (Fragment) MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2229 G3X8E2 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) VPS4A MFGM, Exosome
Bomi223 Q03247 Apolipoprotein E APOE 281004 Whey, MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated: human mature apolipoprotein E (ApoE) is a 299-amino acid glycoprotein (34–37 kDa); various other PTMs include methylation, Dihydroxylation, dimethylation; four glycosylation sites (T194, T289, S290, and S296 residues) on secreted and cellular human ApoE
Bomi2230 G5E513 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2232 G5E538 Adhesion G protein-coupled receptor E3 ADGRE3 MFGM
Bomi2234 G5E554 PNPLA domain-containing protein MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2235 G5E556 ATP binding cassette subfamily A member 12 ABCA12 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2237 G5E593 Uncharacterized protein LOC100337076 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi224 P84080 ADP-ribosylation factor 1 ARF1 338058 MFGM, Exosome all Arf proteins are myristoylated at the amino terminus-consensus sequence for aminoterminal myristoylation (Metiit-Gly-Xaa-Xaa-Xaa-Ser/Ala/ Thr); Some Arl proteins are myristoylated but most appear to lack this modification
Bomi2243 G5E5R6 Par-6 family cell polarity regulator beta PARD6B MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2244 G5E5S5 AAA domain-containing protein NAV1 MFGM
Bomi225 E1BLP6 AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein 5B ARID5B MFGM
Bomi2253 G5E604 Ig-like domain-containing protein Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2254 G5E618 SH3 and multiple ankyrin repeat domains 1 SHANK1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2256 G5E630 USP9X USP9X 507307 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2259 G5E666 GOLD domain-containing protein MFGM
Bomi2262 G5E6I9 Histone H2B LOC107133263 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2264 G5E6P3 G protein subunit alpha 13 GNA13 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2265 Q3ZBD7 Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase GPI 280808 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2267 Q5EA79 Aldose 1-epimerase GALM 616676 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2270 P11017 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(T) subunit beta-2 GNB2 281202 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2271 Q28024 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(O) subunit gamma-12 GNG12 286850 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2273 P63243 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit beta-2-like 1 RACK1 327682 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2276 P50397 Rab GDP dissociation inhibitor beta GDI2 509832 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2277 P19803 Rho GDP-dissociation inhibitor 1 ARHGDIA 338054 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2281 Q1JQD4 PDZ domain-containing protein GIPC2 GIPC2 518246 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2282 P80195 Glycosylation-dependent cell adhesion molecule 1 GLYCAM1 282430 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2286 Q08D86 Putative glycerol kinase 5 GK5 616031 MFGM
Bomi229 Q1LZA3 Asparagine synthetase [glutamine-hydrolyzing] ASNS 514209 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2291 P38409 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit alpha-11 GNA11 281788 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2292 P63097 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(i) subunit alpha-1 GNAI1 281790 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2293 P08239 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(o) subunit alpha GNAO1 281792 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2294 P04896 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(s) subunit alpha isoforms short GNAS 281793 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2295 P0C7Q4 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(t) subunit alpha-3 GNAT3 516262 MFGM
Bomi2296 Q5EA55 Golgin subfamily A member 7 GOLGA7 616809 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2297 Q5GJ77 Glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase 1, mitochondrial GPAM 497202 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2299 Q5EA88 Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD+], cytoplasmic GPD1 525042 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2301 Q9N2J2 Phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase, mitochondrial GPX4 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2306 A7MB78 Glycogen [starch] synthase, muscle GYS1 786335 MFGM
Bomi2307 Q5E9F8 Histone H3.3 H3F3A 326601 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2309 Q9TVC8 BoLa class II histocompatibility antigen, DQB*0101 beta chain MFGM
Bomi231 Q2TBW0 Ataxin-10 ATXN10 767990 MFGM
Bomi2310 P01966 Hemoglobin subunit alpha HBA 100140149 MFGM
Bomi2311 P02070 Hemoglobin subunit beta HBB 280813 MFGM
Bomi2313 Q148C9 Heme-binding protein 1 HEBP1 533227 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2316 Q2YDJ4 Histidine triad nucleotide-binding protein 3 HINT3 281817 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2319 Q3T0D0 Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K HNRNPK 528135 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi232 P08037 Beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase 1 B4GALT1 281781 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2322 P29105 Hippocalcin-like protein 1 HPCAL1 513870 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2324 Q27975 Heat shock 70 kDa protein 1A HSPA1A 282254 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2325 Q76LV1 Heat shock protein HSP 90-beta HSP90AB1 767874 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi233 Q2TA08 BAG family molecular chaperone regulator 5 BAG5 522854 MFGM
Bomi2330 Q28125 Intercellular adhesion molecule 3 ICAM3 281840 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2332 Q9XSG3 Isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] cytoplasmic IDH1 281235 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2333 Q04467 Isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP], mitochondrial IDH2 327669 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2336 Q3SZ54 Eukaryotic initiation factor 4A-I EIF4A1 504958 MFGM
Bomi2340 Q6EWQ7 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A-1 EIF5A 444990 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2343 Q1JPB0 Leukocyte elastase inhibitor SERPINB1 507264 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2353 P61625 Integrin alpha-L ITGAL 281874 MFGM
Bomi2354 P80746 Integrin alpha-V ITGAV 281875 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2356 P32592 Integrin beta-2 ITGB2 281877 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2370 P05126 Protein kinase C beta type PRKCB 282325 MFGM
Bomi2373 Q05204 Lysosome-associated membrane glycoprotein 1 LAMP1 281897 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2375 Q2TBI0 Lipopolysaccharide-binding protein LBP 512242 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2376 P19858 L-lactate dehydrogenase A chain LDHA 281274 Whey, MFGM
Bomi2377 Q5E9B1 L-lactate dehydrogenase B chain LDHB 281275 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2384 Q5E9X4 Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 59 LRRC59 532659 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2385 A5PK13 Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 8C LRRC8C 527708 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2387 Q9TTK4 Lysosomal-trafficking regulator LYST 281072 MFGM
Bomi239 Q9MZL5 Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit beta-2 CACNB2 327667 MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated: Four potential Nglycosylation sites are present in the rabbit Cav1.2 channel and located in the domain I (N124 and N299) and domain IV (N1359 and N1410)
Bomi2395 A4FV14 Protein mab-21-like 1 MAB21L1 540081 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2399 Q6VE48 Membrane cofactor protein CD46 280851 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi240 Q95323 Carbonic anhydrase 4 CA4 280741 MFGM Glycosylated: Rabbit kidney CA IV had two N-glycosylation sites and was sialated
Bomi2404 Q0VCJ8 Methyltransferase-like protein 9 METTL9 787067 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2409 Q9GLE4 Matrix metalloproteinase-14 MMP14 281915 MFGM
Bomi2411 Q58D63 MOB kinase activator 3A MOB3A 505007 MFGM
Bomi2415 P12234 Phosphate carrier protein, mitochondrial SLC25A3 282477 MFGM
Bomi2416 P08169 Cation-independent mannose-6-phosphate receptor IGF2R 281849 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2423 Q3SYU9 Major vault protein MVP 516456 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2424 P60661 Myosin light polypeptide 6 MYL6 281341 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2427 P07514 NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase 3 CYB5R3 515773 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2428 O77774 Neutrophil cytosol factor 1 NCF1 281345 MFGM
Bomi2430 Q3T0Q4 Nucleoside diphosphate kinase B NME2 615447 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2441 Q3T160 Nucleophosmin NPM1 614028 MFGM
Bomi2442 Q32LM8 Nurim NRM 511167 MFGM
Bomi2449 Q1RMS5 Nuclear RNA export factor 1 NXF1 512136 MFGM
Bomi245 P30932 CD9 antigen CD9 280746 MFGM, Exosome N glycosyated in the extracellular loop; covalently modified by acylation
Bomi2451 Q2T9U2 Outer dense fiber protein 2 ODF2 539043 Whey, MFGM
Bomi2453 Q3MHX6 Protein OS-9 OS9 504832 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2454 A6QPY0 Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase 48 kDa subunit DDOST 510682 MFGM
Bomi2455 Q8MJ50 Osteoclast-stimulating factor 1 OSTF1 281961 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2458 Q0VCQ8 Tumor protein p53-inducible protein 11 TP53I11 515682 MFGM
Bomi246 Q2KJ93 Cell division control protein 42 homolog CDC42 532712 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2461 P61286 Polyadenylate-binding protein 1 PABPC1 282296 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2470 Q0II59 Pyridoxal kinase PDXK 514168 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2476 Q32KV0 Phosphoglycerate mutase 2 PGAM2 515067 MFGM
Bomi2477 P05980 Prostamide/prostaglandin F synthase 782922 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2478 Q3T0P6 Phosphoglycerate kinase 1 PGK1 507476 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2482 Q3T165 Prohibitin PHB 530409 MFGM
Bomi2483 Q2HJ97 Prohibitin-2 PHB2 515363 MFGM
Bomi2488 Q58DH2 Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase proenzyme PISD 505332 MFGM
Bomi2489 P32871 Phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate 3-kinase catalytic subunit alpha isoform PIK3CA 282306 MFGM
Bomi249 Q3SYS6 Calcium-binding protein p22 CHP1 512662 MFGM, Exosome myristoylated
Bomi2491 Q8SPJ1 Junction plakoglobin JUP 445543 MFGM
Bomi2493 Q2KI18 Patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing protein 2 PNPLA2 508493 MFGM
Bomi250 Q17QE5 Calcium and integrin-binding protein 1 CIB1 510141 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2504 Q5E9M1 PRA1 family protein 3 ARL6IP5 509977 MFGM
Bomi2505 Q9BGI3 Peroxiredoxin-2 PRDX2 286793 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2506 Q9BGI1 Peroxiredoxin-5, mitochondrial PRDX5 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2507 O77834 Peroxiredoxin-6 PRDX6 282438 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2509 P02584 Profilin-1 PFN1 513895 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2513 Q3T0X5 Proteasome subunit alpha type-1 PSMA1 515503 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2514 Q3ZCK9 Proteasome subunit alpha type-4 PSMA4 510423 MFGM
Bomi2516 Q2YDE4 Proteasome subunit alpha type-6 PSMA6 507213 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2519 P33672 Proteasome subunit beta type-3 PSMB3 533874 MFGM
Bomi252 P06623 2',3'-cyclic-nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase CNP 280752 Whey, MFGM isoprenoid derived from meva- Ionic acid; only the smaller of the two CNP isoforms (CNP1) is isoprenylated; C-terminal Cys-Thr- Ile-Ile (conserved in rat, mouse, bovine, and human CNP)
Bomi2520 Q3T108 Proteasome subunit beta type-4 PSMB4 506203 MFGM
Bomi2524 Q0P5A6 26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 5 PSMD5 515021 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2528 Q9TTY5 Platelet-activating factor receptor PTAFR 518283 MFGM
Bomi2536 Q0VCG9 Pentraxin-related protein PTX3 PTX3 541148 MFGM
Bomi2539 Q0VCM4 Glycogen phosphorylase, liver form PYGL 505472 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi255 P00423 Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 4 isoform 1, mitochondrial COX4I1 281090 MFGM phoshorylated
Bomi2551 Q08DW1 RAB9A, member RAS oncogene family RAB9A 511776 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2554 Q08E42 Leucine rich repeat containing 8 family, member A LRRC8A 505605 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2556 Q0P578 Estrogen receptor binding site associated, antigen, 9 EBAG9 538551 MFGM
Bomi2565 Q0VCK1 Myeloid-associated differentiation marker MYADM 506295 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2566 Q0VCQ6 Programmed cell death 10 PDCD10 506411 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2569 Q0VD16 MAP2K1 protein MAP2K1 533199 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi257 P81282 Versican core protein VCAN 282662 MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated: As found in porcine, human and mouse,18 potential N-glycosylation sites; 22 potential O-glycosylation sites
Bomi2570 Q148D6 Mannose-P-dolichol utilization defect 1 MPDU1 504961 MFGM
Bomi2572 Q17QC1 LRRC57 protein LRRC57 508699 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2575 Q17QL5 Transmembrane protein 30A TMEM30A 505797 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2578 Q17QW3 Retinol dehydrogenase 14 (All-trans/9-cis/11-cis) RDH14 505949 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2583 Q1LZ81 PDCD6 protein PDCD6 100125927 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2584 Q1RMH5 C1QC protein (Fragment) C1QC 509968 MFGM
Bomi2591 Q24K14 Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 7 DHRS7 514044 MFGM
Bomi2597 Q2KII3 Hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1 N-terminal domain containing protein MGC137099 613999 MFGM
Bomi2599 Q2KIS4 Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 1 DHRS1 528832 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2607 Q2LDA0 Toll-like receptor 5 TLR5 MFGM
Bomi2610 Q2NL15 Hypothetical LOC515846 C9H6orf118 515846 MFGM
Bomi2611 Q2T9M8 Synaptosomal-associated protein SNAP23 522423 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2612 Q2TA22 Acyl-CoA synthetase long-chain family member 6 ACSL6 506059 MFGM
Bomi2616 Q30309 BoLA-DR-alpha BoLA-DRA 506214 MFGM
Bomi2624 Q3SX32 Mannose 6 phosphate receptor binding protein 1 PLIN3 767984 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2627 Q3SZ98 GNG10 protein GNG10 613930 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2632 Q3T0R9 UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,3-galactosyltransferase, polypeptide 2 B3GALT2 539815 MFGM
Bomi2635 Q3T105 GALE protein GALE 523154 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2638 Q3ZBG1 RAB14 protein RAB14 539180 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2640 Q3ZBI4 Zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 16 ZSCAN16 511795 MFGM
Bomi2641 Q3ZBS7 Vitronectin VTN 507525 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2645 Q3ZC65 Ancient ubiquitous protein 1 AUP1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2647 Q3ZCA7 Guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha inhibiting activity polypeptide 3 GNAI3 539521 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2651 Q3ZCK2 RAS like proto-oncogene A RALA 538477 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2656 Q5E9E0 Galectin 9 short isoform LGALS9 510813 MFGM
Bomi2657 Q5E9G8 Putative uncharacterized protein LGP2 LGP2 508378 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2658 Q6QRN7 PP1201 protein TMBIM1 404134 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2660 Q861S4 Similar to ribosomal protein L21 (Fragment) RPL21 326584 MFGM
Bomi2668 Q0IIG7 Ras-related protein Rab-5A RAB5A 539764 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2669 Q58DS9 Ras-related protein Rab-5C RAB5C 613749 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2674 P61223 Ras-related protein Rap-1b RAP1B 327708 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2675 Q08DI5 Ras-related protein Rap-2c RAP2C 515181 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2677 Q3MHL3 Histone-binding protein RBBP4 RBBP4 767940 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2679 Q29RM3 Receptor expression-enhancing protein 5 REEP5 617543 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2684 Q56JV3 GTP-binding protein Rheb RHEB 528204 MFGM
Bomi2687 Q3SZA1 Rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoF RHOF 617894 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2689 Q2TBW8 60S ribosomal protein L10-like RPL10L 538748 MFGM
Bomi2690 P61284 60S ribosomal protein L12 RPL12 404133 MFGM
Bomi2691 Q3SZ90 60S ribosomal protein L13a RPL13A 767925, MFGM
Bomi2693 Q3T025 60S ribosomal protein L17 RPL17 514046 MFGM
Bomi2694 Q3T0W9 60S ribosomal protein L19 RPL19 510615 MFGM
Bomi2696 P39872 60S ribosomal protein L3 RPL3 282688 MFGM
Bomi2697 Q3MHM7 60S ribosomal protein L35 RPL35 515534 MFGM
Bomi2698 Q58DW0 60S ribosomal protein L4 RPL4 510547 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2699 Q58DQ3 60S ribosomal protein L6 RPL6 511051 MFGM
Bomi270 P46168 Beta Defensin 10 DEFB10 100141457 MFGM
Bomi2700 Q58DT1 60S ribosomal protein L7 RPL7 514966 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2701 Q2TBQ5 60S ribosomal protein L7a RPL7A 513128 MFGM
Bomi2706 Q28021 Rho-associated protein kinase 2 ROCK2 282041 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2708 Q3T0V4 40S ribosomal protein S11 RPS11 539196 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2709 Q56JX8 40S ribosomal protein S13 RPS13 535668 MFGM
Bomi2710 Q76I82 40S ribosomal protein S15a RPS15A 337888 MFGM
Bomi2711 Q3T0R1 40S ribosomal protein S18 RPS18 326602 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2712 Q32PD5 40S ribosomal protein S19 RPS19 516063 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2713 Q3ZBH8 40S ribosomal protein S20 RPS20 513222 MFGM
Bomi2714 Q56JX5 40S ribosomal protein S25 RPS25 282052 MFGM
Bomi2715 Q3T169 40S ribosomal protein S3 RPS3 326588 MFGM
Bomi2717 A6QLG5 40S ribosomal protein S9 RPS9 533892 MFGM
Bomi2719 Q08D83 Reticulon-3 RTN3 359721 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2720 P28783 Protein S100-A9 S100A9 532569 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2724 Q3T0T7 GTP-binding protein SAR1b SAR1B 515999 MFGM
Bomi2727 A5PJZ1 Calcium-binding mitochondrial carrier protein SCaMC-1 SLC25A24 534742 MFGM
Bomi2728 Q3T067 Probable saccharopine dehydrogenase SCCPDH 507289 MFGM
Bomi2743 P81127 Gamma-soluble NSF attachment protein NAPG 509041 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2744 Q0II86 Synaptosomal-associated protein 29 SNAP29 532261 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2746 Q2TBW7 Sorting nexin-2 SNX2 509769 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2748 Q1RMH8 Sorting nexin-3 SNX3 528265 MFGM
Bomi2754 A7YSY2 Spermatogenesis-associated protein 5-like protein 1 SPATA5L1 533070 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2756 Q3T106 Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 7 SRSF7 507066 MFGM
Bomi2758 Q2TBX5 Translocon-associated protein subunit delta SSR4 504438 MFGM
Bomi2759 Q2KJI2 Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit STT3A STT3A 507815 MFGM
Bomi276 P00376 Dihydrofolate reductase DHFR 508809 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2762 Q2YDL1 Syntaxin-binding protein 6 STXBP6 534718 MFGM
Bomi2766 Q3ZBV8 Threonyl-tRNA synthetase, cytoplasmic TARS 510075 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2767 A6QP06 Synaptotagmin-like protein 2 SYTL2 614406 MFGM
Bomi2773 Q2HJ86 Tubulin alpha-1D chain TUBA1D 535605 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2775 Q2KJD0 Tubulin beta-5 chain TUBB5 615087 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2776 Q29RJ2 TBC1 domain family member 24 TBC1D24 529002 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2781 Q3T0K2 T-complex protein 1 subunit gamma CCT3 504735 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2785 Q32KZ9 Tektin-1 TEKT1 519068 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2786 Q3ZBT1 Transitional endoplasmic reticulum ATPase VCP 507345 MFGM
Bomi2789 Q2KIG5 Thromboxane-A synthase TBXAS1 509326 MFGM
Bomi2795 Q95LA9 Toll-like receptor 2 TLR2 281534 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2798 A4FV45 Transmembrane protein 214 TMEM214 514683 MFGM
Bomi2799 Q3T0N3 Transmembrane and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 1 TMCO1 614715 MFGM
Bomi2800 Q5E971 Transmembrane emp24 domain-containing protein 10 TMED10 529761 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2803 Q2LGB5 Toll-interacting protein TOLLIP 539480 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2817 P30535 Translocator protein TSPO 281033 MFGM
Bomi2823 A3KMV5 Ubiquitin-like modifier-activating enzyme 1 UBA1 282869 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2833 Q32LP0 Fermitin family homolog 3 FERMT3 525159 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi284 F1MW13 Deoxyribonuclease (Fragment) DNASE1L1 MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated: In humans, N-linked glycosylation at Asn-243- conserved in the corresponding regions of monkey, porcine and bovine DNase X proteins
Bomi2840 P68002 Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 2 VDAC2 282120 MFGM
Bomi2844 Q2HJG5 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 35 VPS35 521864 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2846 Q0VD48 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 4B VPS4B 539357 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi2853 Q3T000 Synaptobrevin homolog YKT6 YKT6 507409 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi291 Q0IIM3 Heat shock protein 105 kDa HSPH1 507165 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi292 P19120 Heat shock cognate 71 kDa protein HSPA8 281831 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi293 Q3T149 Heat shock protein beta-1 HSPB1 516099 MFGM, Exosome phosphorylated, especially under stress conditions - phosphorylation of serines(S), S15, S78, and S82 in human Hsp27;
Bomi295 O02741 Ubiquitin-like protein ISG15 ISG15 281871 MFGM UCRP is synthesized as precursors that undergo co- or posttranslational processing to yield identical carboxyl-terminal sequences of Leu-Arg-Leu-Arg-Gly-Gly
Bomi3 P25417 Cystatin-B CSTB 512805 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi302 P11151 Lipoprotein lipase LPL 280843 Whey, MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated: As found in bovine milk - 10 cysteine residues which are in disulfide bridges. Disulfide bonds are formed between Cys29 and Cys42, CYS 218 and Cys241,C266 and Cys285, C,YS277and Cys280",a nd Cys420 and CYS 440; residues Asn44 and 361 and were identified as potential N-glycosylation sites in bLPL
Bomi303 P27479 Arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase, 12S-type ALOX15 282139 MFGM, Exosome No major PTMs; elements of post-translational regulation are nitric oxide and calcium
Bomi304 A4IF97 Myosin regulatory light chain 12B MYL12B 614055 MFGM, Exosome As found in cow's mammary gland, this protein is phosphorylated by PKC, cofactor 1-Oleoyl-2-acetyl-sn-glycerol, phosphotidyl serine and Ca2+; Phosphorylation of myosin light chains from heart is studied in humans and rats; tyrosine nitration has been implicated in many pathological conditions and diseases such as inflammation, chronic hypoxia, myocardial infarction and diabetes; in chicken gizzard phosphorylation of this protein is done by PS and Ca2+
Bomi306 Q27966 Myosin-Ic MYO1C 281937 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi307 Q17R14 Myosin-Id MYO1D 522967 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi309 A6BMK7 Sialidase-1 NEU1 MFGM NEU1- N-terminal N-glycosylated
Bomi310 Q27960 Sodium-dependent phosphate transport protein 2B SLC34A2 282484 Whey, MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated:possible sites for N-glycosylation and phosphorylation by protein kinase C as found in bovine renal epithelial cells;
Bomi311 Q3ZBE9 Sterol-4-alpha-carboxylate 3-dehydrogenase, decarboxylating NSDHL 616694 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi317 P09487 Alkaline phosphatase, tissue-nonspecific isozyme ALPL 280994 Whey, MFGM, Exosome glycosylated
Bomi321 Q0VCK0 Bifunctional purine biosynthesis protein PURH ATIC 506343 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi322 Q08DW0 CD47 molecule CD47 282661 MFGM, Exosome Glycosylated: homotrimeric glycoprotein;IgV domain is N-glycosylated and modified with an O-linked glycosaminoglycan
Bomi324 Q0IIA3 Sorcin SRI 508319 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi325 Q0P5B0 Arrestin domain containing 1 ARRDC1 786098 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi327 Q2KIW2 CD68 molecule CD68 504960 MFGM Glycosylated:As in mouse macrophage and similar to CD68- heavily glycosylated; nine potential N-linked glycosylation sites and numerous potential 0-linked glycosylation sites; approximately 40% from 0-linked and 20-25% from N-linked sugars, with only about one third coming from the polypeptide backbone
Bomi329 Q2NL04 TAP binding protein (Tapasin) TAPBP 504335 MFGM glycosylated
Bomi331 Q3SYR8 Immunoglobulin J chain JCHAIN 280821 Whey, MFGM, Exosome glycoprotein; N linked glycosylation at 39th aa in both bovine and humans; contains eight cysteine residues: two (cys15 and cys69) are involved in disulfide bridges with the α or µ chains; and six are involved in intrachain disulfide bridges
Bomi333 Q3ZC83 Solute carrier family 29 (Nucleoside transporters), member 1 SLC29A1 510932 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi335 Q3ZCI4 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, decarboxylating PGD 514939 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi339 P23004 Cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit 2, mitochondrial UQCRC2 282394 MFGM
Bomi340 Q58DS5 Ras-related protein Rab-13 RAB13 514541 MFGM, Exosome Prenylation—addition of one or two geranyl- geranyl groups—on conserved carboxyterminal cysteine residues; mammalian Rab GTPases undergoes adenylation or phosphocholination by bacterial enzymes that can occur on the membrane-bound, inactive Rab and preclude GDI rebinding
Bomi341 A4FV54 Ras-related protein Rab-8A RAB8A 100125881 MFGM, Exosome Prenylation—addition of one or two geranyl- geranyl groups—on conserved carboxyterminal cysteine residues; mammalian Rab GTPases undergoes adenylation or phosphocholination by bacterial enzymes that can occur on the membrane-bound, inactive Rab and preclude GDI rebinding
Bomi344 Q3MHL4 Adenosylhomocysteinase AHCY 508158 MFGM, Exosome acetylated on two lysines- Lys401 and Lys408
Bomi345 Q0VCA5 SAM domain and HD domain-containing protein 1 SAMHD1 524683 MFGM Phosphoryalted: isoform 1 (iso1) has a phosphorylation site at residue T634
Bomi348 P67810 Signal peptidase complex catalytic subunit SEC11A SEC11A 282078 MFGM glycosylated
Bomi349 O18875 Sodium- and chloride-dependent creatine transporter 1 SLC6A8 282367 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi353 A0JNP2 Secretoglobin family 1D member SCGB1D 338419 Whey, MFGM
Bomi357 Q863B3 Staphylococcal nuclease domain-containing protein 1 SND1 404098 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi359 A0JNJ3 Spartin SPART 534027 Whey, MFGM spartin is constitutively monoubiquitinated and binds to ubiquitin
Bomi36 A0JN55 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2, 6-biphosphatase 3 PFKFB3 407183 MFGM phosphoryalted - phosphorylated in the presence of MgATP and cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinasc (PKA) or protein kinasc C (PKC); In rat liver PFK-YFBPase-2, phosphorylation site for PKA lies in the N-terminal domain at Ser-32, for bovine heart PFK-2/FBPase-2 the phosphorylation sites for PKA and PKC are in the C-terminal domain at Ser-466 and Thr-47S, respectively
Bomi365 Q3SWY6 Serine/threonine-protein kinase 25 STK25 373543 MFGM
Bomi367 A7YW98 Arginyl-tRNA synthetase, cytoplasmic RARS 506305 MFGM
Bomi368 Q9GMB8 Seryl-tRNA synthetase, cytoplasmic SARS 281476 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi370 Q9GLM4 Tensin-1 TNS1 286798 Whey, MFGM extensively phosphorylated at tyrosine and serine/threonine sites in response to integrin activation by the extracellular matrix
Bomi372 Q2TBI4 Heat shock protein 75 kDa, mitochondrial TRAP1 514472 MFGM
Bomi375 Q3ZBQ1 Ubiquitin domain-containing protein 1 UBTD1 506002 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi378 Q07130 UTP--glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase UGP2 281565 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi384 Q2KIU0 Vesicle transport through interaction with t-SNAREs homolog 1B VTI1B 780809 MFGM
Bomi386 Q29RL0 WD repeat-containing protein 67 TBC1D31 511062 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi391 P62261 14-3-3 protein epsilon YWHAE 282125 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi395 P63103 14-3-3 protein zeta/delta YWHAZ 287022 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi399 Q05927 5'-nucleotidase NT5E 281363 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi40 Q148F2 Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein ALOX5AP 613869 MFGM
Bomi400 A0JN43 Family with sequence similarity 62 (C2 domain containing), member A ESYT1 520669 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi409 A1L4Z7 Oxidised low density lipoprotein (Lectin-like) receptor 1 OLR1 281368 MFGM
Bomi41 P46193 Annexin A1 ANXA1 327662 MFGM, Exosome phosphorylated by pkc as found in bocine mammary gland; glycosylated as found in human placenta - presence of N-acetyl-D-galactosamine residues, two cc-linked biantennary mannosyl residues, one site of asparagine-linked glycosylation which may contain two a-linked biantennary mannosyl residues; indicates a potential Nlinked glycosylation site at the 42nd position of its amino terminal region
Bomi410 A1L528 RAB1A, member RAS oncogene family RAB1A 539339 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi413 A1XC24 Toll-like receptor 7 TLR7 493686 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi418 A2VDV1 Ankyrin repeat domain 22 ANKRD22 504991 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi421 A2VDZ0 Protein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit B', alpha isoform PPP2R5A 533788 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi422 A2VE06 Ribosomal protein S4, Y-linked 1 RPS4Y1 286873 MFGM
Bomi425 A3KMV4 DAGLB protein DAGLB 538021 MFGM
Bomi427 A3KMY1 KRT82 protein KRT82 615570 MFGM
Bomi432 A4FUD2 HSD17B7 protein HSD17B7 505212 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi434 A4FUE5 RAB3GAP1 protein RAB3GAP1 535393 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi435 A4FUG5 BIN2 protein BIN2 515025 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi44 Q3T0C6 Sodium/potassium-transporting ATPase subunit beta-3 ATP1B3 532844 MFGM ß domain has domain has three, eight, and two glycosylation sites in beta1, 2, and 3, respectively
Bomi454 A5D7E6 CD82 protein CD82 506713 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi458 A5D7H9 Transporter SLC6A14 511661 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi461 A5D7J6 CALR protein CALR Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi465 A5D7Q0 LOC407171 protein LOC407171 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi467 A5D7Q6 PCDHGA2 protein PCDHGA2 539654 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi468 A5D7R9 NRAS protein NRAS 506322 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi469 A5D7S0 NAPA protein NAPA 518407 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi472 A5D980 Protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 6 PTPN6 512312 MFGM
Bomi473 A5D984 Pyruvate kinase PKM 512571 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi476 A5PJD6 ATL3 protein ATL3 515124 MFGM
Bomi478 A5PJH7 LOC788112 protein LOC788112 788112 Whey, MFGM
Bomi479 A5PJM2 TNNI2 protein (Fragment) TNNI2 MFGM
Bomi48 Q27970 Calpain-1 catalytic subunit CAPN1 281661 MFGM, Exosome Phosphorylation - nine phosphorylated residues were identified in calpain 1
Bomi481 A5PJQ6 PGRMC2 protein PGRMC2 534021 MFGM
Bomi483 A5PJR0 TTC9B protein TTC9B 100125944 MFGM
Bomi487 A5PJY9 CPNE3 protein CPNE3 615304 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi489 A5PKG9 FGR protein FGR 516133 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi491 A5PKJ8 PCDHGA8 protein PCDHGA8 521340 MFGM
Bomi494 A6H704 CHMP7 protein CHMP7 541288 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi502 A6QL85 RCC2 protein RCC2 509120 MFGM
Bomi503 A6QL97 TMX3 protein TMX3 615687 MFGM
Bomi505 A6QLB1 RAB27A protein RAB27A 618035 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi507 A6QLS5 MGC143209 protein OTULINL 534389 MFGM
Bomi51 Q27954 Coatomer subunit alpha COPA 100126041 MFGM, Exosome As observed in rat liver, ß and δ-COP are phosphorylated
Bomi511 A6QLX9 NINJ2 protein NINJ2 509556 MFGM
Bomi516 A6QNL5 PDIA6 protein (Fragment) PDIA6 613927 MFGM
Bomi519 A6QNZ7 Keratin 10 (Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis; keratosis palmaris et plantaris) KRT10 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi52 Q92176 Coronin 1C CORO1A 282196 MFGM, Exosome predicted phosphorylation site at Ser463
Bomi521 A6QP36 LMAN2 protein LMAN2 790870 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi524 A6QP99 LMOD3 protein LMOD3 509978 MFGM
Bomi526 A6QPG6 LANCL2 protein LANCL2 541142 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi529 A6QPP7 ELA2 protein ELANE 100126050 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi531 A6QPT4 MPO protein MPO 511206 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi536 A6QQV8 LBR protein LBR 509348 MFGM
Bomi540 A6QR01 LRRC47 protein LRRC47 616209 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi541 A6QR21 Mitochondrial carrier homolog 2 (C. elegans) MTCH2 337927 MFGM
Bomi543 A6YM52 CXCR2 CXCR2 782719 MFGM
Bomi549 A7MB57 Tyrosine-protein kinase YES1 507632 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi55 Q8HYR6 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 9 DHRS9 282851 MFGM No glycosylation motif
Bomi554 A7MBH9 GNAI2 protein GNAI2 281791 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi557 A7YWC6 SUB1 protein SUB1 533984 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi558 A7YWF1 ACSS2 protein ACSS2 506459 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi56 Q29455 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 5 DNAJC5 282216 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi562 A7Z014 TKT protein TKT Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi563 A7Z025 PRPF8 protein PRPF8 507371 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi565 A7Z045 FAM84B protein FAM84B 540325 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi569 A7Z066 Canx protein CANX 407129 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi572 A8YXY5 PTBP1 protein PTBP1 282018 MFGM
Bomi581 A5D7D1 Alpha-actinin-4 ACTN4 522269 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi584 Q3ZCJ2 Alcohol dehydrogenase [NADP+] AKR1A1 618607 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi586 Q1JPA0 Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 3 member B1 ALDH3B1 511469 MFGM
Bomi588 A1A4L5 Alkylated DNA repair protein alkB homolog 8 ALKBH8 781788 MFGM
Bomi59 F1MMK2 Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase G6PD 281179 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi591 P27214 Annexin A11 ANXA11 282142 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi592 Q3SWX7 Annexin A3 ANXA3 518050 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi593 P79134 Annexin A6 ANXA6 327685 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi594 P20072 Annexin A7 ANXA7 533360 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi604 Q58CQ2 Actin-related protein 2/3 complex subunit 1B ARPC1B 326600 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi605 Q3SZF2 ADP-ribosylation factor 4 ARF4 518601 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi606 Q5EA19 ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 15 ARL15 534329 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi608 Q2KI07 ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 8B ARL8B 511009 MFGM
Bomi610 P61157 Actin-related protein 3 ACTR3 281597 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi612 Q3MHR7 Actin-related protein 2/3 complex subunit 2 ARPC2 540838 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi613 Q3T035 Actin-related protein 2/3 complex subunit 3 ARPC3 506596 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi614 Q148J6 Actin-related protein 2/3 complex subunit 4 ARPC4 539459 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi618 P62285 Abnormal spindle-like microcephaly-associated protein homolog (Fragment) ASPM MFGM, Exosome
Bomi619 Q08DA1 Sodium/potassium-transporting ATPase subunit alpha-1 ATP1A1 282144 MFGM
Bomi622 P19483 ATP synthase subunit alpha, mitochondrial ATP5F1A 282578 MFGM
Bomi624 Q0II48 Bcl-2-like protein 15 BCL2L15 509786 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi63 Q76LV2 Heat shock protein HSP 90-alpha HSP90AA1 281832 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi631 Q5E9P6 Seipin BSCL2 513558 MFGM
Bomi635 C7FFR6 Mannosylphosphodolichol synthase DPM1 MFGM
Bomi641 Q865V6 Macrophage-capping protein CAPG 353121 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi642 P79136 F-actin-capping protein subunit beta CAPZB 338052 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi646 P02668 Kappa-casein CSN3 281728 Whey, MFGM, Exosome 2.14% sialic acid
Bomi652 A4FUA8 F-actin-capping protein subunit alpha-1 CAPZA1 534656 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi658 Q2T9W3 Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 63 CCDC63 518001 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi659 Q32LB9 Nitric oxide-associated protein 1 NOA1 539773 MFGM
Bomi660 Q95122 Monocyte differentiation antigen CD14 CD14 281048 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi661 P26201 Platelet glycoprotein 4 CD36 281052 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi662 Q3ZCD0 CD81 antigen CD81 511435 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi664 E1BB50 Cyclin-dependent kinase 12 CDK12 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi670 Q58CS7 Charged multivesicular body protein 3 CHMP3 507722 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi674 Q5E9B7 Chloride intracellular channel protein 1 CLIC1 515646 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi675 Q9XSA7 Chloride intracellular channel protein 4 CLIC4 286823 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi676 A2VE01 Polyribonucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase Clp1 CLP1 506507 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi682 Q29RU4 Complement component C6 C6 507749 Whey, MFGM
Bomi695 P13135 Calpain small subunit 1 CAPNS1 281664 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi70 P62935 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase A PPIA 281418 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi708 O46521 Cytochrome b-245 light chain CYBA 281111 MFGM
Bomi709 O46522 Cytochrome b-245 heavy chain CYBB 281112 MFGM
Bomi712 Q5E9C2 Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit DAD1 DAD1 614538 MFGM
Bomi717 P46164 Beta-defensin 6 DEFB6 MFGM
Bomi718 A5PJM7 Differentially expressed in FDCP 8 homolog DEF8 513349 MFGM
Bomi72 Q5E947 Peroxiredoxin-1 PRDX1 MFGM, Exosome phosphorylation of mammalian PrxI, PrxII, PrxIII and PrxIV at the conserved residue Thr89 (PrxII numbering) by cyclin-dependent kinases ;lipid raft associated prx1 undergoes phosphorylation at Tyr194; centrosomeassociated PrxI through phosphorylation at Thr9;
Bomi720 P00366 Glutamate dehydrogenase 1, mitochondrial GLUD1 281785 MFGM
Bomi721 O77769 Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase 3 DHRS3 281482 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi725 Q2HJ94 DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 2 DNAJA2 360006 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi727 Q2KIA5 Dynamin-1-like protein DNM1L 540892 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi730 A6H7I5 Dynamin-2 DNM2 511691 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi732 E1B6Z6 Lipocalin 2 LCN2 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi734 E1B718 Formin like 3 FMNL3 540105 MFGM
Bomi735 E1B719 ANK_REP_REGION domain-containing protein ANKHD1 MFGM
Bomi737 E1B749 Solute carrier family 5 member 9 SLC5A9 526890 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi738 E1B770 Lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase 2 LPCAT2 MFGM
Bomi740 E1B7B1 SEC63 homolog, protein translocation regulator SEC63 541040 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi75 Q0VCZ8 Acyl-CoA synthetase long-chain family member 1 ACSL1 537161 MFGM, Exosome As found in liver and brown adipose tissue of mice, universal Nterminal acetylation, 15 acetylated lysines, and 25 phosphorylation sites on ACSL1 was identified
Bomi753 E1B7Q3 Laminin subunit gamma 2 LAMC2 Whey, MFGM
Bomi755 E1B7R4 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit A EIF3A 506564 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi756 E1B7U1 Uncharacterized protein (Fragment) MOGS MFGM
Bomi76 Q1RMR8 RTN4 protein RTN4 359718 MFGM, Exosome As found in Reticulon Protein-1C lysine present in this H4 histone consensus sequence can be acetylated
Bomi765 E1B885 Tetratricopeptide repeat domain 37 TTC37 534095 MFGM
Bomi771 E1B8N6 Lamin B1 LMNB1 MFGM
Bomi777 E1B8X8 BRCA2, DNA repair associated BRCA2 507069 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi78 Q0IIG8 Ras-related protein Rab-18 RAB18 511160 MFGM, Exosome Prenylation—addition of one or two geranyl- geranyl groups—on conserved carboxyterminal cysteine residues; mammalian Rab GTPases undergoes adenylation or phosphocholination by bacterial enzymes that can occur on the membrane-bound, inactive Rab and preclude GDI rebinding
Bomi780 E1B925 AT-rich interaction domain 1A ARID1A MFGM
Bomi782 E1B933 Leucine rich repeats and IQ motif containing 1 LRRIQ1 Whey, MFGM
Bomi788 E1B9B0 SCD domain-containing protein STAG3 515399 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi791 E1B9F9 Large tumor suppressor kinase 2 LATS2 MFGM
Bomi797 E1B9N6 Envoplakin EVPL Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi798 E1B9N7 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX29 DHX29 512470 MFGM
Bomi799 E1B9R5 Dynein axonemal heavy chain 8 DNAH8 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi803 E1BA17 Collagen type XIV alpha 1 chain COL14A1 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi804 E1BA29 G protein subunit alpha q GNAQ 536654 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi805 E1BA36 Sperm associated antigen 17 SPAG17 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi807 E1BAA2 C3 and PZP like, alpha-2-macroglobulin domain containing 8 CPAMD8 MFGM
Bomi809 E1BAD2 Peptidase S1 domain-containing protein LOC505658 505658 MFGM
Bomi810 E1BAD8 Midline 1 MID1 534604 MFGM
Bomi815 E1BAL2 Opa interacting protein 5 OIP5 511100 MFGM
Bomi818 E1BAS6 Senataxin SETX MFGM
Bomi820 E1BAT3 LIF receptor alpha LIFR MFGM
Bomi829 E1BB06 Formin like 2 FMNL2 788312 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi83 Q3MHR5 Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 2 SRSF2 508312 MFGM RS domains of SR proteins are extensively phosphorylated by two families of kinases, the SR protein-specific kinases (SRPKs) and Clk/Sty protein kinases; methylation and ubiquitination are also predicted to occur in disordered protein regions
Bomi837 E1BB91 Collagen type VI alpha 3 chain COL6A3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi84 Q0VCI2 Syntaxin-19 STX19 514487 MFGM, Exosome As found in bovine sperm, syntaxin-1 was phosphorylated by casein kinase II on both serine and threonine residues
Bomi840 E1BBC4 OPA1, mitochondrial dynamin like GTPase OPA1 524142 MFGM
Bomi85 P61763 Syntaxin-binding protein 1 STXBP1 282378 MFGM
Bomi853 E1BBQ0 Kinetochore associated 1 KNTC1 506353 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi855 E1BBQ3 Elongator complex protein 1 ELP1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi857 E1BBS9 Ciliary rootlet coiled-coil, rootletin CROCC 530641 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi858 E1BBT9 Heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 4 like HSPA4L MFGM, Exosome
Bomi864 E1BC41 Kinesin family member 15 KIF15 541135 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi866 E1BC48 Centrosomal protein 350 CEP350 Whey, MFGM
Bomi867 E1BC55 KIAA1671 KIAA1671 MFGM
Bomi87 Q2T9Q6 Tektin-2 TEKT2 514463 MFGM
Bomi876 E1BCD5 Pecanex 3 PCNX3 MFGM
Bomi880 E1BCH9 Valosin containing protein interacting protein 1 VCPIP1 MFGM
Bomi881 E1BCI3 Solute carrier family 7 member 4 SLC7A4 504923 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi882 E1BCN3 Peptidyl arginine deiminase 4 PADI4 508161 MFGM
Bomi883 E1BCP6 Tyrosine-protein kinase JAK2 525246 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi886 E1BCR3 Centrosomal protein 152 CEP152 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi887 E1BCS3 Hexokinase 3 HK3 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi889 E1BCT9 Uncharacterized protein RBM27 516521 MFGM
Bomi895 E1BCZ0 DNA-directed RNA polymerase POLRMT 504757 MFGM
Bomi90 P45879 Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 1 VDAC1 282119 MFGM Glycosylation (O-GlcNAc) of VDAC2 has been shown in mouse embryonic fibroblasts; other post translational modification like Hypernitrosylation and phosphorylation in diseased conditions
Bomi902 E1BDE0 SH3 and cysteine rich domain 2 STAC2 536456 MFGM
Bomi903 E1BDE1 Testis expressed 45 TEX45 MFGM
Bomi905 E1BDF8 RNA exonuclease 1 homolog REXO1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi914 E1BDL7 Phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphate dependent Rac exchange factor 2 PREX2 520704 MFGM
Bomi915 E1BDN1 Wntless Wnt ligand secretion mediator WLS 528123 MFGM
Bomi917 E1BDQ4 Ryanodine receptor 1 RYR1 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi921 E1BDX8 Dynein cytoplasmic 1 heavy chain 1 DYNC1H1 537748 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi923 E1BDZ3 Chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 9 CHD9 539275 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi925 E1BE13 Baculoviral IAP repeat containing 6 BIRC6 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi931 E1BEA6 C2 calcium dependent domain containing 6 C2CD6 616081 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi938 E1BEI2 Signal peptidase complex subunit 2 SPCS2 MFGM
Bomi942 E1BEK9 UPF1, RNA helicase and ATPase UPF1 532933 Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi945 E1BEQ4 Peptidase S1 domain-containing protein LOC505326 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi949 E1BF23 Myomesin 2 MYOM2 MFGM
Bomi951 E1BF32 Neurite extension and migration factor NEXMIF 512493 MFGM
Bomi952 E1BF48 CD177 molecule CD177 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi954 E1BF59 Plectin PLEC Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi956 E1BF82 NDC80, kinetochore complex component NDC80 538789 MFGM
Bomi957 E1BFA8 Uncharacterized protein NBAS MFGM
Bomi958 E1BFB0 Spectrin alpha, non-erythrocytic 1 SPTAN1 540108 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi959 E1BFB4 Serine/threonine-protein kinase mTOR MTOR 100139219 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi961 E1BFB9 Protein FAM114A2 FAM114A1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi965 E1BFF0 Unc-13 homolog D UNC13D MFGM
Bomi968 E1BFQ6 Integrin subunit alpha 6 ITGA6 535043 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi969 E1BFR4 Plexin A1 PLXNA1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi971 E1BFZ3 SMK-1 domain-containing protein PPP4R3B 516489 MFGM
Bomi974 E1BG08 Axin interactor, dorsalization associated AIDA 508353 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi977 E1BG26 Cation-transporting ATPase ATP13A3 523889 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi978 E1BG38 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 1 ARHGEF1 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi979 E1BG49 Centromere protein E CENPE Whey, MFGM, Exosome
Bomi980 Q1RMV1 Endoglin ENG 615844 MFGM, Exosome
Bomi987 E1BGE5 Importin 7 IPO7 513707 MFGM
Bomi989 E1BGJ0 LDL receptor related protein 1 LRP1 Whey, MFGM, Exosome